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Recent Publications

- “Beyond the hospital infection control guidelines: a qualitative study using positive deviance to characterize gray areas and to achieve efficacy and clarity in the prevention of healthcare-associated infections”, Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control

- “Cases of Positive Deviance in Public Financial Management”, CABRI

- "Center for the Study of Bribery, Extortion, and Coercion Situations", Bruce Horowitz

- Having Nothing, Possessing Everything: Finding Abundant Communities in Unexpected Places, Michael Mather 

"Identification and Characterization of Families That Are Positively Deviant for Childhood Obesity in a Latino Population: A Case-Control Study"Journal of Obesity

- Positive Deviance— An Expeditious Tool for Action to Ameliorate Malnutrition in Resource-Poor Settings”, Mercy Sosanya, University of Texas at Austin

- Positive deviance, big data, and development: A systematic literature review”, Basma Albanna, Richard Heeks

- "Teaching and Learning about Positive Deviance: Boosting Metacognition to Grasp Global Communication Theory and Practice"Jean Claude Kwitonda, Arvind Singhal

- “The Development of a Positive Deviancy Strategy to Identify Excellence in Patient Experience”, Rubens, Chen, Ramsay, Forster, Wells, Sundaresan

- “The Positive-Deviance approach for translating evidence into practice to improve patient retention in HIV care”, BMC Health Services Central

- “The positive effects of an antimicrobial stewardship program targeting outpatient hemodialysis facilities”, The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America

- "The Power of Positive Deviance in Compliance", Bruce Horowitz

- "Using a 'Positive Deviance' Framework to Discover Adaptive Risk Reduction Behaviors Among High-Risk HIV Negative Black Men Who Have Sex with Men", AIDS and Behavior

- "Value co-creation in healthcare through positive deviance", Cole Zanetti, Natalie Taylor

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