PD Facilitators

PD facilitators are individuals who have experience training organizations in the PD approach in a given sector, have implemented a PD informed project or have carried out participatory action research using the PD concept. 

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Diane Baik.jpg

diane baik: consultant

Diane Baik is a consultant with over eight years of applying the positive deviance approach in the areas of health and nutrition. She has worked with World Vision and World Bank on various projects. 

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Samir Chaudhury.jpg

samir chaudhuri: director, child in need institute (Cini)

Samir Chaudhuri is the director of the Child In Need Institute with expertise in nutrition, mother & child health, adolescent health & nutrition, and child protection. He has worked with CINI, UNICEF, Dept. of Women & Child, and the government of West Bengal, India and has over 25 years of experience with the PD approach.

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Djibril Cisse

Dr. Cissé holds a PhD in Food and Nutrition, and brings over 15-years of professional experience in coordinating and managing health and nutrition programs. He was responsible for the conception and implementation of nutrition activities including support to the Food, Nutrition and Child Survival Division (DANSE) of the Ministry of Health in Senegal and played a key role in promoting the PD/hearth model approach in Senegal.

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lucia dura: academic and consultant

Lucia Dura is an academic and consultant with areas of expertise in qualitative methods and evaluation with the positive deviance approach. She has prior experience implementing positive deviance in the areas of vulnerable populations, education, healthcare, and most recently, correctional prison populations. She has worked in many countries, including the United States, Uganda, and Indonesia. 

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small gardam.jpg

Michael Gardam

Michael Gardam is the Director for Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control at the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion. Michael is a PD Champion for the reduction of the hospital-acquired infection MRS. Within Canada, he has helped a number of hospitals control outbreaks and develop their infection control programs.


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David gasser: Consultant

David Gasser has been interviewed for numerous Positive Deviance publications for his abilities to apply the positive deviance approach in diverse areas like the private sector, public agencies, health-care and education. David works as a consultant and has been applying the positive deviance approach for over 12 years.

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Ahmet Günes: Consultant

Ahmet Günes own his own company, Günes Consulting, where he has worked in applying the positive deivance approach for over eight years. He has worked in the private sector, in education, and with children with his own company as well as with PD Academy.

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Inger Johannsen.jpg

Inger winther johannsen: consultant

Inger W. Johannsen is a partner at Reflexio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She brings over five years of experience to the positive deviance approach and has extensive knowledge working in sectors like vulnerable populations and education. She has worked with institutions for institutionalized children, and within the educational sector.

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Siaka Konate.jpg

siaka konate

Siaka Konate is an independent consultant on the use of the Positive Deviance approach in West Africa. Born and raised in Mali, Siaka has worked for Save the Children US and trained numerous organizations on the use of the approach to combat childhood malnutrition and scaled his approach to over 387 communities around Africa.

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Lindberg Picture.jpg

Curt Lindberg, DMan, MHA: Consultant, healthcare executive

Curt Lindberg has 14 years of experience using the PD approach specifically within the healthcare and educational sectors in North and South America. His work has been received by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, among many other international organizations.

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F. James Levinson.jpg

F. James Levinson: Research professor, tufts university

F. James Levinson has been practicing positive deviance since the early 1980s and has decades of experience applying positive deviance in the nutrition realm. He has worked with UNICEF, USAID, and the World Bank in many regions around the world including South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Jane Lewis.jpg

Jane lewis: consultant, trainer, facilitator

Jane Lewis is a consultant that has worked with the government, third sector, universities, and commercial companies through a social enterprise organization. She has over nine years of experience with the PD approach and has many publications dedicated to the approach.

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cropJon Lloyd.jpg

Jon C. Lloyd, MD: Consultant

Jon Lloyd is a senior clinical advisor for Plexus Institute and a Senior Associate at the PD Initiative. He worked on a community-wide effort to eliminate endemic Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Dr. Lloyd is currently coaching several of these hospitals and is also applying PD to the problems of youth violence and the twenty five year disparity in longevity that affects people with serious mental illness.

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dileep Kumar malhi: project manager

Dileep Kumar is a Public Health Specialist, PhD Scholar and USAID-funded project manager who has worked with organizations like RSPN and HANDS on positive deviance related projects including a polio eradication program, Nutrition, Family Planning and a Maternal and Child Health Program funded by DFID, USAID and WHO. He has over 6 years of experience implementing the positive deviance approach in Pakistan.

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Debora Niyeha is a Resident Advisor working with Institute for International Programs at Johns Hopkins University coordinating National Evaluation Platform in Tanzania with over 12 years of experience in PDH programming. She played key role in establishing PDH programing at World Vision and Aga Khan Foundation both in Tanzania and Uganda. She continues to be PDH champion and provide support to other institutions across East Africa Region.

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Nobuyuki Ota.jpg

nobuyuki ota: management consultant

Nobuyuki Ota is a Partner at Valeocon Management Consulting with expertise in applying Positive Deviance to the private sector. He has worked with PD Japan in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region and has been applying the positive deviance approach for over four years.

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Muhammad Shafique.jpg

muhammad shafique: BEHAVIOR change communication specialist

Muhammad Shafique is a specialist in communication and behaviour change with areas of expertise in malaria and dengue prevention and control, maternal and newborn health, and polio eradication. He has worked with Malaria Consortium, Save the Children, and Merlin organzations and in many countries, including Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Pakistan.

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Anirudra Sharma.jpg

anirudra sharma: consultant

Anirudra Sharma is a positive deviance professional with experience in nutrition work in South Asia and Nepal. He has used the positive deviance approach for over four years with organizations like Save the Children and UNICEF.

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Christina Shoemaker Simmons.jpg

christina shoemaker simmons: consultant

Christina Shoemaker Simmons is a consultant with areas of expertise in education, immigrant accultration, public health and pacific islanders. She has worked extensively in Hawaii, United States with social services and schools and community groups while applying the positive deviance approach for over seven years. 

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Angela Sims.jpg

angela sims: consultant

Angela Sims is a consultant with experience in the public sector, communities, and not-for-profit. She has worked primarily in the United Kingdom with Woodward Lewis and Hidden Insights while applying the positive deviance approach for over thirteen years. 

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Dr. Arvind Singhal

Dr. Arvind Singhal describes himself as a sense maker and amplifier of positive deviance. Dr. Singhal has been involved with the in-depth documentation of the positive deviance approach. He has served as a co-facilitator of numerous PD meetings, has guided several graduate theses on positive deviance, and has raised the “volume” on PD in his courses, lectures, and keynotes in the past six years.

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Monique Sternin: Consultant and Professor (Tufts University)

Monique Sternin is one of the pioneers of the PD approach and has worked closely with diverse communities and organizations worldwide to teach and implement the PD approach for over 20 years. Her work spans various sectors including education, public health, and displaced populations, among others.

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Lars Thuesen: Consultant

Lars Thuesen is a PD consultant with 10 years of experience specialized in the justice, social, and humanitarian sector, among many others. He is involved with UN agencies, local authorities, and government sectors.

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koichiro watanabe: consultant

Koichiro Watanabe is an independent consultant and board chairman of a NGO. He has experience applying the positive deviance approach to nutrition in Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Japan for over seven years.

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Randa Wilkinson.jpg

randa walkinson: consultant, adjunct professor at tufts university

Randa Wilkinson has worked with the Positive Deviance Initiative in many capacities and has used her experties in facilitating the positive deviance approach in diverse organizations and sectors. Randa has over fifteen years of experience in PD in nutrition, healthcare, education and emergency relief. She has worked in the United States, Western and Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

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cole zanetti: family and preventative medicine physician

Cole Zanetti is a physician with areas of expertise in healthcare and specifically diabetes. He has worked extensively in New Hampshire, United States with the Positive Deviance Initiative while applying the positive deviance approach for over two years.

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