How to Get Started

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Basic Guide


If you would like to use the PD approach in your community or organization, we have many tools to help get you started. Below is a link to a simple guide which gives a brief overview about how to begin implementing the PD approach,

Click here to access: English Basic PD Guide

Click here to access: French Basic PD Guide (Petit guide pour l'application de L'Approche Deviance Positive)

Click here to access: Bahasa Indonesia (Panduan Dasar Lapangan
Pendekatan Positive Deviance PD) Basic PD Guide

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There are also various tools available, such as tips for facilitation, tips for identifying PD families, and sample focus group discussions. To access tools that can help you apply the PD approach in various sectors, please refer to the list of tools below, which are organized by sector. 

Generic Tools

Generic Tools in Foreign Languages:

Nutrition Tools

Maternal & Newborn Care Tools


Education Tools

Education Tools in Spanish

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Below is a listing of archived manuals for using the Positive Deviance Approach, developed by various organizations throughout the world. The manuals focus on different sectors of PD application as well as specific country or region adaptations. For this reason, not all of these manuals are available in English.

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