This portion of the website is a collection of remarks from people who have implemented the Positive Deviance (PD) approach, and who have been exposed to the PD approach in many ways – including trainers, facilitators, coaches, and PD champions. This collection of first-person accounts comes from people who have used the PD approach in real, challenging situations, helps to shed light on the struggles that people face when using the PD approach, as well as the ways in which the approach can be enormously rewarding. The “voices” in this section come from various sectors and deal with diverse situations, such as conflict resolution between pastoral communities in Ethiopia, and the strides being made in US hospitals as nurses, doctors, and all hospital personnel join together to fight MRSA and other hospital acquired infections (HAI’s), as a team. These “voices” are honest and poignant, and offer insight into what it is like to use the PD approach.