UTEP Social Justice Pioneer Award Ceremony & Lecture Recap

Below is a news story on the First Social Justice Pioneer Award Ceremony for Monique and Jerry Sternin at the University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) last month by UTEP Journalism student for Borderzine! In the video clip, you see UTEP President Diana Natalicio welcome Monique and talk about how, when she was on the Board of the Rockefeller Foundation, she had the opportunity to meet Jerry and Monique, how inspired she was, and how happy she was that the Foundation could support PDI. Learn more here!


A response from Monique Sternin:

“Beside the award in the presence of University of El Paso Texas president Natalicio, Arvind Singhal and his students run a PD workshop where students and guests from other universities in the US and Japan were able to share their local PD projects, ranging from societal issues such as recidivism in local prison to  lack of civil engagement through voting. I have trained hundreds of individuals in using the PD approach over the nearly thirty decades, some in academic settings, and I would be hard pressed to find as dedicated  and purposeful students as UTEP students.

I have been humbled by their stories of overcoming hardship. Professor Singhal has been the ideal catalyst for this to happen in his class. His students have told me again and again how transformative his teaching has been. His insights and keen attention to his students make him uniquely positioned to "deliver PD" to students. It has been equally wonderful to see how his graduate students are picking up the baton and are ready to teach a new generation of students."


Congratulations again to the Sternins!