Upcoming Positive Deviance Book Publication from A. Singhal

Singhal is in the final stages of editing Positive Deviance in Action: A Dozen Classic Cases, a colorful, highly-illustrated book being compiled with a professional designer. 

Using pictures, pithy stories, visuals, and boxed illustrations, the book features Classic PD applications in malnutrition (Vietnam), female genital cutting (Egypt), school dropouts (Argentina), maternal and newborn care (Pakistan), Goiter reduction (Indonesia); reintegration of child abductees (Uganda), sex-trafficking (Indonesia); sales management (Mexico), malaria control (Cambodia), mental well-being of prison staff (Denmark), reduction of MRSA (USA), and pain management (USA).  

This book will be out within the first quarter of 2019, and a second PD Case Book looking at newer and more recent applications will follow. Stay tuned!