France Harvard Business Review


Written in French by Gregory Le Roy in the France Harvard Business Review, this article examines the methods and ways in which Positive Deviance can be applied in security organizations. When confronted with vital issues in which survival can be engaged in the most extreme cases, organizations must undergo transformations based on radically different rules of the game and aided by Positive Deviance. Photo credit to Getty Images


Data driven.jpg

Written by Catherine Cheney of Devex, this article explores innovative uses of data to drive global development. The growing emphasis on data driven development presents an opportunity for global development professionals to learn from and perhaps even replicate the successes of the best performers within a data set. Photo by: Anders Sandberg / CC BY

The Economist


The Economist reports on Ben Ramalingam's new book, "Aid on the Edge of Chaos." "The most interesting part of Mr Ramalingam's book, "Aid on the Edge of Chaos", is his discussion of how some agencies are beginning to learn from the way poor people can successfully do difficult things - such as bringing up well-nourished children on meagre incomes-without external experts or programmes. Learning from such "positive deviants", but also experimenting repeatedly and quickly, has much to offer the world of aid."

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