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The Tyranny of Manual

Tamotsu Ito

Positive Deviance is used to address low employee satisfaction ratings and high rates of employee turnover in a company division dominated by women in Japan.

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Learning from the Hopeful: Positive Pathways to Education in Lebanon

Monique Sternin

Explores the use of the Positive Deviance approach to tackle low enrollment rate and high secondary school dropouts rate among adolescent Lebanese and Syrian refugee girls in Tripoli, Lebanon

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Recidivism through a New Lens: Feeding Positive Deviance Data into Local Programs

Lucia Dura, Lauren Perez

Representatives from the Western District of Texas’ probation office and federal court & UT El Paso decided to ask a PD question: Are there any individuals who have recently completed their terms of supervised release or are on their way to completion (within 12 months) despite the demographic, situational, and dispositional odds against them?

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Eliminating Violence Against Women in Moldova with PD

Ulziisuren Jamsran, Lars Thuesen

A case study on the use of positive deviants among female survivors of violence, police officers, social workers, and even former aggressors to overcome violence against women in Moldova.

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Editors' Note

Dear PD fans and newcomers,

It has been only 6 months since the makeover of the PD website to adapt to the current needs of users and it is still a work in progress. We hope to make it more interactive in the coming months.

However we are proud to produce this bi-annual newsletter that attempts to summarize the current PD informed projects, publications and research articles, a small way to grasp where PD is used in the world. It is a difficult task, and we need all the help we can get from you all.

This newsletter will give you some updates and a chance to explore current diverse applications of the PD approach to tackle complex problems that require adaptive change: from the seemingly small problem in a nursing home in Japan to the tackling of domestic violence on a large scale in Moldovia via addressing the unique challenges of Syrian adolescent girls refugees in Lebanon.

Do not hesitate to contact the authors or send us your questions.

Overall, we are proud of the contribution the PD approach can make to the Sustainable Millenium Goals (SMG) and invite you to try it.
To that effect the PD website has a list of PD facilitators who are individuals with proven record of using PD successfully in a variety of sectors. In this chaotic age, PD offers a unique opportunity to look at very complex problems through positive lens and amplify what works locally.

Just try it! Wishing you a rewarding journey.

Monique Sternin

Co-founder, Positive Deviance Initiative

Linh Nguyen

Manager, Positive Deviance Website



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