PD Winter 2019 Newsletter


Positive Deviance Winter 2019 Newsletter

Happy New Year!
Our newsletter is created for both experienced practitioners and new followers of the PD Initiative to showcase different ways of implementing PD in local communities and encourage discussion within the PD community. Please feel free to share this newsletter with friends and co-workers!

In this issue:
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Upcoming Events

TEDxHanoi: Now What

January 19, 2019, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Vinschool The Harmony

Our very own Monique Sternin will be one of 14 speakers at the upcoming TEDxHanoi: Now What conference. In her talk, she will be discussing the original story of PD in Vietnam from the 1990s and the power of PD for the future of Vietnam.

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Featured Publications

To be a change maker: Strategies for social and behavioral change

Yoko Kawamura, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor at Shizuoka University of Art and Culture

This book was inspired by Positive Deviance and Entertainment-Education, innovative approaches to making changes at social and individual levels. It also explains how both connect each other by referring to Diffusion of Innovation. The content is what the author has learned from Dr. Arvind Singhal by following him as an apprentice and from practiced strategies in the real world.

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Positive Deviance in Action: A Dozen Classic Cases

Arvind Singhal

Singhal is in the final stages of this colorful, highly-illustrated book being compiled with a professional designer. Using pictures, pithy stories, visuals, and boxed illustrations, the book will feature a variety of Classic PD applications. It will be out within the first quarter of 2019, and a second PD Case Book looking at newer, more recent applications will follow.

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Featured Case Studies

Denmark: PD for Automotive Dealership Success

Ahmet Günes

A case study on using PD in the business sector for improving the success of an automotive dealership

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Designing and Delivering a UN Innovation Lab for Palestine

Lars Thuesen, Mark T. Munger

A team from The Welfare Improvement Network (WIN) designs and delivers a UN Innovation Lab to create, accelerate and sustain change in Palestine with PD

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Japan: A Family Visit

Tamotsu Ito

A case study on using PD to address low employee satisfaction ratings and high rates of employee turnover in a company division dominated by women in Japan.

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Resiliency in Puerto Rico

Mayra Rosa, Nayla Bezares

A focus on the agro-ecological community and stakeholders involved in Puerto Rico after Hurricane María

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Project Update on “Learning from the Hopeful: Positive Pathway to Education In Lebanon”

Sandra Chahine

A fall 2018 update on a case study on the use of positive deviants among female survivors of violence, police officers, social workers, and even former aggressors to overcome violence against women in Moldova

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When PD is in Your Soul: Story from Palu Earthquake and Tsunami Sulawesi, Indonesia

Susi Widiastuti

A PD story on children’s nutrition and health from Indonesia after the recent 2018 earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi

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Voices from the Field

Mohammad Shafique (PD Facilitator, Behavior Change Communication Specialist)

Tips on PD Facilitation

1. Before entering into a community, try to understand its social, political and cultural context and understand the dynamics of the community very well.

2. Working with community is fun, it’s a great learning opportunity, therefore, take it as a privilege and enjoy this interaction.

3. Always go as learner and learn about their culture, traditions, behaviours and the overall context.

4. Respect culture and values of the community and try to build on these cultural events to disseminate the positive behaviours of the community... (click to keep reading)



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